Volumetric glass

DURAN volumetric glass is precisely calibrated to scale for accurate determination and measurement of volumes. This makes the glassware ideal for use in preparing solutions and determining volumes.

The glass can be divided into 4 categories which are briefly listed below with a short description for which they are used. Volumetric glass is widely used in analytical laboratories, because it examines these and investigates which substances and corresponding amounts are present in the solution.

The glass is available in 2 classes: Class A / AS and Class B. Class A is the most accurate of the classes. Class B is about half as accurate as Class A. Class AS has the same tolerances as Class A but is designed for faster outflows such as burette and pipette applications.

Volumetric flasks

The flasks are used for exact measurement of the volume. The flasks are mainly used for preparing and storing standard solutions.

Size and mix cylinders

Measuring cylinders are for storing and simultaneously measuring different liquids. Mixing cylinders are used for diluting solutions and mixing different components in a certain amount.


Burettes are mainly used for titration. Titration makes it possible to determine the concentration of a substance in a solution. The correct scale division guarantees the exact reading of the amount of liquid required for the titration. The calibration is based on the model volume at 20 ° C reference temperature.

The amount of liquid can be dosed with high accuracy, since the liquid adhesion to the glass is included in the calibration. Obviously, this only applies when the waiting times specified for reading the scale are complied with.


Pipettes are ideal for accurate measuring and filling of liquids. Pipettes intended for the measurement of liquids are approved for the inclusion of different liquid quantities and subsequently dispenses the same or different amounts of liquid.

Bulb pipettes are designed to quickly absorb and dose liquid and use them for each pipette size. The calibration is based on the model with volume at 20 ° C reference temperature.

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