APG Pharma has a wide range of dry products with a high absorbency for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Our range of silica gel and molecular sieve products contains all conceivable packaging solutions for plastic and glass packaging. The silica gel and molecular sieve products are of the highest quality level and are produced under secured and certified process conditions in accordance with the applicable guidelines.


  • In compliance with FDA guideline (DMF 1893)
  • In accordance with DIN 55473
  • High absorbency Silica gel 
  • Molecular sieve 4A
  • Medically tested Tyvek packaging
  • Dust-free Tyvek dry-bag silica gel 
  • Tear-resistant silica gel packaging
  • Chemically neutral Tyvek packaging
  • Special dimensions
  • Humidity indicator (option W)
  • Own logo and text
  • Specific warning text
  • Polyethylene and aluminium silica gel packaging

All silica gel and molecular sieve products are stored in and provided from our ISO certified warehouse in Uithoorn. The storage, forwarding and delivery of the silica gel and molecular sieve products takes place under conditions that are consistent with the pharmaceutical guidelines and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). At APG Pharma, it's all about quality, expertise and quality care.

What choice?

APG Pharma will always provide you with the most optimal and up-to-date primary packaging and/or accessories. Our technical packaging advisers are ready to assist you, and they will identify your needs and requirements. They will discuss the best possible solutions with you. They will also help you to finally achieve the success that you have been working towards. This is why you should ask one of our packaging specialists for advice.

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