In the pharmaceutical industry, syringes are indispensable for precise dosing and administration of medication. Our syringes,designedwithattention to detail and user-friendliness, meet the high demands of professionals in the field. They provide reliability ateverystage ofmedication management, from production to patient care. Available in various sizes and types, our syringes ensure accuracyandsafety, essential for effective pharmaceutical applications.

Pharmaceutical Standard

Our partners are certified with ISO 15378, confirmingthat the manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical packaging materials comply with international standardsfor quality management and GoodManufacturing Practice (GMP). This certification ensures that we adhere strictly to guidelines to minimize risks such as contamination andproduction errors, thus guaranteeing the quality and safety of the final product. The ISO 15378certification illustrates our commitment tomaintaining high quality and safety standards, crucial for building trust with customers and regulatory bodies, and contributes to thecontinuous improvement of our processes and efficiency.