Our range of reconstitution and transfer products in the pharmaceutical sector is designed to ensure safe and efficient preparation and transfer of medication. This includes vial adapters, inter changeable vial adapters, Mix2Vial, MixJect, and needle-free transfer systems. Each product is crafted to preserve the integrity and efficacy of medications during the reconstitution process or when transferringliquids. Vial adapters provide a secure connection to the vial, while interchangeable vial adapters offer an additional level of sterilityand ease of use. Mix2Vial and MixJect are innovative solutions for mixing medications, designed to simplify the process and reduce therisk of contamination. Our needle-free transfer systems offer a safe method for transferring medications without the risk of needlestickinjuries, enhancing safety for both healthcare providers and patients.

Pharmaceutical Standard

Our partners are certified with ISO 13485, confirming that the manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical packaging materials comply with international standards for quality management and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This certification ensures that we adhere strictlyto guidelines to minimize risks such as contamination and production errors, thus guaranteeing the quality and safety of the finalproduct. The ISO 13485 certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high quality and safety standards, crucial for buildingtrust with customers and regulatory authorities, and contributes to the continuous improvement of our processes and efficiency.

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