Vials are a crucial packaging solution in the pharmaceutical industry, designed for the storage of sterile liquids, powders, andlyophilisates. Our Vials meet the strictest quality requirements, with each product manufactured under rigorous process controls and inaccordance with international pharmaceutical standards. We offer a wide range of Vials suitable for various pharmaceutical applications,including customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. For instance, sterilizing the Vials, we provide a total solution thataligns with your pharmaceutical packaging needs.

Pharmaceutical Standard

Our partners hold ISO 15378 certification, confirming that the manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical packaging materials comply withinternational standards for quality management and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This certification ensures that we adhere strictlyto guidelines to minimize risks such as contamination and errors in production, maintaining the quality and safety of the final product.The ISO 15378 certification illustrates our commitment to maintaining high quality and safety standards, crucial for building trust withcustomers and regulatory authorities, and contributes to the continuous improvement of our processes and efficiency.

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