Our range of bags, including accessories, infusion bags, and infusion containers, is specifically designed to meet the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry. These products are crucial for the safe and effective administration of liquid medications and solutions. Our infusion bags and containers are made with the highest quality materials, ensuring the contents remain sterile and free from contaminants. They are designed for ease of use and reliability, with features that ensure precise and safe medication administration. The accompanying accessories, from lines to connectors, enhance the functionality and safety of use, with each component contributing to controlled and efficient medication delivery.

Pharmaceutical Standard

Our partners hold ISO 15378 certification, confirming that the manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical packaging materials comply with international standards for quality management and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This certification ensures that we strictly adhere to guidelines to minimize risks such as contamination and production errors, thereby ensuring the quality and safety of the final product. The ISO 15378 certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high quality and safety standards, essential for building trust with customers and regulatory authorities, and contributes to the continuous improvement of our processes and efficiency.

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